Communications Network Research Institute

CNRI Personnel

Prof. Mark Davis Director Mark Davis' email address
Dr. Ruairi de Fréin Principal Investigator Ruairi de Frein's email address
Dr. Mirosław (Mirek) Narbutt Lead Investigator Mirek Narbutt's email address

CNRI Graduates

Tony Grennan 2015 PhD dissertation entitled A Study of the Impact of Various Geomeric Factors on the Capacity of Short Range Indoor MIMO Communications Channels Tony Grennan's email address
Yi Ding 2014 PhD dissertation entitled A Remote Capacity Utilization Estimator for WLANs Yi Ding's email address
Jianhua Deng 2014 PhD dissertation entitled An Adaptive Packet Aggregation Algorithm (AAM) for Wireless Networks Jianhua Deng's email address
Fuhu Deng 2014 PhD dissertation entitled An Autonomous Channel Selection Algorithm for Wireless LANs Fuhu Deng's email address
Tanmoy Debnath 2012 PhD dissertation entitled A Novel QoS-Aware MPEG-4 Video Delivery Algorithm over the Lossy IEEE 802.11 WLANs to Imporve the Video Quality Tanmoy Debnath's email address
Enrique Roques Gomez 2011 MPhil dissertation entitled TCP Performance Evaluation over IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs
Mustafa Ramadhan 2010 PhD dissertation entitled A Cross-Layer Modification to the DSR Routing Protocol in Wireless Mesh Networks Mustafa Ramadhan's email address
Stuart Wallace 2011 MPhil dissertation entitled Development of a Quality of Service Framework for Video Streaming Applications Stuart Wallace's email address
Brian Keegan 2010 PhD dissertation entitled Improving Multicast Communications over Wireless Mesh Networks Brian Keegan's email address
Yin Chen 2010 MPhil dissertation entitled MeshScan - A Fast and Efficient Handoff Scheme for IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks Yin Chen's email address
Chenzhe Zhang 2010 MPhil dissertation entitled Feasibility of Using Passive Monitoring Techniques in Mesh Networks for the Support of Routing Chenzhe Zhang'semail address

Contact Details

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Communications Network Research Institute
Focas Building
TU Dublin, City Campus
Kevin Street, Dublin 8
D08 CKP1
Telephone: +353 1 4027950 Focas
Fax: +353 1 4027901
Email: cnri@cnri.dit.ie