Communications Network Research Institute

Wireless Mesh Networks

Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) are a type of radio-based network system which require minimal configuration and infrastructure. They can be built using relatively low cost radios and inexpensive computing platforms, and consequently constitute a compelling option for rolling out access networks with a low deployment cost.

The WMN research interests of the CNRI are focused on the following areas:

To allow for extensive testing of our ideas in realistic scenarios we have developed three test bed environments:

  1. 17 node test bed comprising indoor and outdoor units;
  2. 5x5 grid "cabled" testbed;
  3. ns-2 and OpNet simulators;

We have found this threefold approach, which combines simulation and experiment, to be very beneficial as it allows for different levels of design flexibility and provides for the validation of results. This is shown in the following figure:

Design flexibility and validation of results of our threefold approach

Note: In the wireless research community there are growing concerns about the reliability of results obtained using wireless network simulations. Therefore, our approach which combines simulation with experimentation allows for more effective tuning of the simulation parameters in order to realize more accurate and hence more realistic results.

Further details on our experimental WMN testbed projects can be found by clicking on the links below: