Communications Network Research Institute

Startup Companies

To date there have been two startup companies that have emerged from patented technology developed at the CNRI.

2012 - OptiWi-fi Ltd is a dynamic, young, Irish software company, based in Dublin that has produced highly innovative software for the telecommunications industry. Its solutions are targeted at Wi-Fi OEMs, Wi-Fi Providers and Smartphone/ Tablet manufacturers. Cellular Carriers are seeing an exponential growth in mobile data and are now looking more to Wi-Fi to increase capacity for demand. Carriers and users are used to the high Quality of Service (QoS) delivered on Mobile Networks whereas Wi-Fi QoS is typically unknown or very poor when demand is high. OptiWi-fi delivers a unique solution that answers the needs of Carriers, OEMs and users alike for better managed Carrier-Class Wi-Fi. OptiWi-fi's patented solutions developed at the CNRI deliver unique Wi-Fi diagnostics and self-optimizing solutions to Wi-Fi service providers and Wi-Fi OEMs.


2014 -VOPTI Technologies Ltd provides performance monitoring and optimization services for the emerging Web-based Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) sector.WebRTC enables real-time, browser-to-browser communications without any additional software or plugins. For the first time, browsers interact directly with other browsers, allowing for real-time, peer-to-peer, voice, video, and data communications on the web. WebRTC is widely recognized as the biggest development in Internet communications since the introduction of VoIP.

This novel research technology developed at the CNRI initially developed for the quality monitoring and management of VoIP has been adapted to meet the needs of the WebRTC market. The ability to monitor and improve communications quality across WebRTC deployments will become increasingly important as the market develops, in particular for applications in Telemedicine, Telematics, and Call-to-Click services. VOPTI has positioned itself to meet the needs of this emerging and potentially huge worldwide market.