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2012 - OptiWi-fi Ltd is a dynamic, young, Irish software company, based in Dublin that has produced highly innovative software for the telecommunications industry. Its solutions are targeted at Wi-Fi OEMs, Wi-Fi Providers and Smartphone/ Tablet manufacturers. Cellular Carriers are seeing an exponential growth in mobile data and are now looking more to Wi-Fi to increase capacity for demand. Carriers and users are used to the high Quality of Service (QoS) delivered on Mobile Networks whereas Wi-Fi QoS is typically unknown or very poor when demand is high. OptiWi-fi delivers a unique solution that answers the needs of Carriers, OEMs and users alike for better managed Carrier-Class Wi-Fi. OptiWi-fi's patented solutions developed at the CNRI deliver unique Wi-Fi diagnostics and self-optimizing solutions to Wi-Fi service providers and Wi-Fi OEMs.